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Report on Irish Week of Solidarity Against the Apartheid Walls in Palestine and the Siege of Gaza (9 – 16 Nov 2009)

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Report on the Week of Solidarity Against the Apartheid Walls in Palestine and the Siege of Gaza (9th – 16th November 2009) By Kevin Squires & Freda Hughes The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign took part in

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BDS roadshow

November 30, 2009 Israel, the Palestinians and apartheid: the case for boycott and sanctions * UK wide speaker tour 4 – 9 December * 2009 has seen a groundswell of popular support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement

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Israel’s Occupation: Who Profits and Who Doesn’t? Israel’s Occupation: Who Profits and Who Doesn’t?

19 Nov 2009, London School of Economics On 19 November 2009 the London School of Economics (LSE) hosted a seminar on “Israel’s Occupation of Palestine: Who profits and who doesn’t”. It was organised by the LSE Student Union and featured

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BDS: Boycott Israel – Action boycott au Forum des Images à Paris Nov 03

Nous dénonçons la célébration par la ville de Paris du Centenaire de Tel-Aviv au Forum des Images du 4 novembre au 6 décembre 2009 comme étant une mascarade. Nous félicitons les neuf cinéastes qui se sont retirés du festival pour

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Fred Moten speaks on Solidarity with Palestine

American Studies Association Meeting, November 7, 2009 Academic Freedom and the Right to Education: The Question of Palestine (sponsored by the Program Committee) The Renaissance DC Hotel Auditorium PANELISTS: Fred Moten, Duke University (NC) Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Campaign for the

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Naomi Klein on Boycott of Israel (BDS)

Author of ‘No Logo’ and ‘ The Shock Doctrine’ , Naomi Klein talks about the Boycott divestment sanctions campaign against Israel.

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Omar Barghouti on boycott of Israel- BDS movement

Founder of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions for Palestine Campaign Omar Barghouti, talks about how the movement has progressed, its achievements and future goals.

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A Debate on Ending Israel’s Occupation: BDS

Michael’s College, Colchester, VT – In the international peace community, the movement to end the Israeli occupa­tion of Palestinian territories through the use of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) has been controversial. Our speakers will debate both the fairness and

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Poet Remi Kanazi at Hampshire College BDS Conference Remi Kanazi is a Palestinian-American poet and writer based in New York City. He is the editor of the recently released collection of poetry, spoken word, hip hop, and art, Poets For Palestine. His political commentary has been featured

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Be a mensch — join the boycott of Israel!

Adrienne Weller December 2009 I grew up in New York City knowing little of my Jewish heritage except for the star I wore around my neck and my mother’s bible stories. As I grew older, my education included the horror

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