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COSATU President Sidumo Dlamini Addresses Gaza Reportback: Isolate Apartheid Israel!

January 28, 2010 (Lenasia, South Africa) – Soweto yesterday, Gaza today. . . The forces of apartheid demonstrate limitless capacity for barbarism! Almost a year ago, Gaza was run down by the occupying forces of Israel in a barbaric show

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Settlement goods – House of Commons debate, 27 January 2010

A debate in the House of Commons on EU-Israel trade on 27 January 2010 contains a detailed analysis by Phyllis Starkey of how EU-Israel regulations on trade in settlement goods are evaded, and a government response. The account below has

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A British MP Makes a Case Against AHAVA

Excerpt from speech by Dr. Phillis Starkey, Minister of Parliament, made on 1/27/10 regarding labeling of Israeli settlement products. This section focuses on AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories. Full transcript of the day’s debates in Parliament available here. The text below

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Growing Labor Support for Palestine Faces Stiff Opposition in the U.S.

Paul Abowd | January 22, 2010 Union members who want to organize U.S. labor support for war-torn Palestine often compare their cause to the battle against apartheid in the 1980s. They point to striking similarities between Israel’s occupation of Palestine

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Jerusalem’s first light rail is test case in Palestinian boycott campaign

By Karin Laub (CP) – 1 day ago JERUSALEM — Jerusalem’s first light rail starts test runs this spring, with its sleek silver cars gliding across the city and promising to relieve the perpetual congestion. But Palestinians see no reason

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BDS and The Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange (BIRAX)

On 17 January 2010, UK Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis announced that the British government would be contributing an additional £29,000 (174,000 NIS) to the Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange partnership scheme. Launched by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and

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Rod Stewart on his way to Israel

Veteran British singer’s official website reports that Stewart, who already performed in Holy Land at height of his career in 1983, will return on July 1 Or Barnea Will the summer of 2010 manage to overshadow 2009 with an aerial

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Send $300 billion to Detroit, not to Israel

WRITTEN BY Blaine Coleman Was there any excuse for a bunch of armed European settlers to occupy Palestine? No. Was there any excuse for those armed gangs—now called the “Israel Defense Forces”– to ally themselves with the most racist regimes

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Santana cancels Tel Aviv concert

Guitar legend Carlos Santana tonight canceled his summer gig in Tel Aviv, thanks largely to a busy schedule which has meant the reorganizing of a few shows and the canceling of some. Israel was one of the unlucky ones. His

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Freeze Flashmob to promote Boycott Israel in Dutch supermarket

It was a busy Thursday night on the 28th of January in the big supermarket Albert Heijn in Utrecht (Holland). A group of Dutch activists surprised the management with a Freeze Flashmob in the middle of the shop. Well, they

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