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Send $300 billion to Detroit, not to Israel

WRITTEN BY Blaine Coleman Was there any excuse for a bunch of armed European settlers to occupy Palestine? No. Was there any excuse for those armed gangs—now called the “Israel Defense Forces”– to ally themselves with the most racist regimes

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Santana cancels Tel Aviv concert

Guitar legend Carlos Santana tonight canceled his summer gig in Tel Aviv, thanks largely to a busy schedule which has meant the reorganizing of a few shows and the canceling of some. Israel was one of the unlucky ones. His

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Freeze Flashmob to promote Boycott Israel in Dutch supermarket

It was a busy Thursday night on the 28th of January in the big supermarket Albert Heijn in Utrecht (Holland). A group of Dutch activists surprised the management with a Freeze Flashmob in the middle of the shop. Well, they

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Israeli Ambassadors: “Economic Investments Are Also Central To National Security and the Political Field”

Israeli ambassadors identify the promotion of economic relationships at the highest level as a central pillar of their work, which can also assist them in advancing political relations. In a meeting with The Marker, they break their silence about the

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Students Against Israeli Apartheid Launch Divestment Campaign

SAIA – For the past several months, Students Against Israeli Apartheid – Carleton (SAIA), a student group at Carleton University in Ottawa that is committed to supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom, has been conducting research on Carleton’s investments in

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TAKE ACTION: Ask Costco to stop selling Israeli clementines

It has come to my attention that Costco is now selling clementines that have been imported from Israel. This is a very simple process and we all know that it takes less than 5 minutes to make a difference and

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Israel Likely to Join OECD in 2010: “If You Have Enough Money, We’ll Call You a Democracy”

General Secretary of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Angel Gurria, visited Israel last week (18-20 January 2010) to launch two new OECD reports: an Economic Survey of Israel and a Review of Israel’s Labour Market and Social

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