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UC Berkeley Student Senate Fails to Override Veto of Israel Divestment Measure

The student senate at the University of California–Berkeley has failed to override a veto of a bill calling on campus officials to divest from companies that supply weapons the Israel uses in its occupation of the Palestinian territories. AMY GOODMAN:

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Council Delays Decision On Human Rights Violations – UCSD Guardian

After emotional public input and a complete rewrite of the divestment resolution, proponents plan to reintroduce original language next week. Posted on 29 April 2010 by Angela Chen John Hanacek/Guardian Hundreds of students gathered at the A.S. Forum last night

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UC Berkeley Divestment on Flashpoints

Ali Abunimah and university student organizers talk about last night’s vote at UC Berkeley to uphold the veto on divestment, we’ll discuss the technical defeat but the moral victory of the vote and the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions movement

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Divest – for Israel’s sake

By Matthew A. Taylor What on earth will it take to persuade Israel to leave the occupied territories? Sometimes it seems as if nothing will work. For eight years now, the Arab Peace Initiative, which early Zionist leaders would have

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Caterpillar equipment used in extrajudicial killing near Hebron

Press release, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 29 April 2010 The following press release was issued by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights on 26 April 2010: On Monday 26 April 2010, Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian man, Ali

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UC Berkeley Students Argue in Favor of Divesment from War Crimes

After the UC Berkeley Senate voted 16-4 to divest from companies complicit in war crimes committed by Israel during operation Cast Lead (General Electric and United Technologies) the bill was vetoed by President Will Smelko. After two nights of lengthy

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“Seeds of the new movement”: US Campaign Steering Committee member Sophia Ritchie reports from UC Berkeley

The following report on the divestment vote at UC Berkeley is shared by US Campaign Steering Committee member and UC Berkeley alum Sophia Ritchie: I am here again for another late night ASUC hearing, at my alma mater UC Berkeley,

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Israeli companies interested in joint ventures with Indian firms

V. Sridhar Bangalore: Israeli companies with expertise in niche areas are looking to develop ties with Indian firms to exploit markets in third world countries. Speaking to The Hindu, Orna Sagiv, Consul-General at the Israeli Consulate in Mumbai, said: “Israeli

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From Arizona to Palestine: Documentation, Deportation, and Boycott

Tell me if this sounds familiar: A new order allows enforcement officials to stop anyone who “looks illegal” (read: has brown skin) and demand that they produce documents proving their right to be in a place they call home. Failure

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Zio-hummus alert: boycott

The company Sabra Dipping Company, LLC is selling a huge quantity of hummus, babaganoush, “Moroccan matbucha” and other middle eastern/Arabic recipes throughout the U.S.A. through Costco, Ralphs, Vons and many large grocery chains. Currently, the container of the Sabra brand

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