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Israeli companies interested in joint ventures with Indian firms

V. Sridhar Bangalore: Israeli companies with expertise in niche areas are looking to develop ties with Indian firms to exploit markets in third world countries. Speaking to The Hindu, Orna Sagiv, Consul-General at the Israeli Consulate in Mumbai, said: “Israeli

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From Arizona to Palestine: Documentation, Deportation, and Boycott

Tell me if this sounds familiar: A new order allows enforcement officials to stop anyone who “looks illegal” (read: has brown skin) and demand that they produce documents proving their right to be in a place they call home. Failure

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Zio-hummus alert: boycott

The company Sabra Dipping Company, LLC is selling a huge quantity of hummus, babaganoush, “Moroccan matbucha” and other middle eastern/Arabic recipes throughout the U.S.A. through Costco, Ralphs, Vons and many large grocery chains. Currently, the container of the Sabra brand

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Saturday protests effectively close Israeli settler cosmetics shop

By JC Boyce, ISM London The sun shone on our faces and red, black, green and white flags fluttered in our hands as we embarked on the fourth fortnightly ‘Boycott Ahava’ demonstration in Covent Garden on Saturday. London’s finest had

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Elvis Costello: Don’t Play Apartheid Israel

PSC Letter to Elvis Costello 27 April 2010 Dear Elvis Costello, We were shocked to see from your website that you are planning on performing in Israel this June. The Palestinian people have lived under military occupation for decades. The

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BDS Alert: Israeli Gov’t Funded Film Ajami Returns to Seattle and Other US Cities

In early March, [Michelle J. Kinnican] wrote in the Palestine Chronicle, “Ajami is an Israeli film that is in contention for an Academy Award this Sunday for Best Foreign Language Film. Whether it wins the Oscar or not, it has

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BDS: Noam Sheizaf teaches the “Israeli Left” the ABC of denial

The number of people who understood the deep perfidy also known as “the Israeli left” used to be small, and their ideas used to be taboo outside their miniscule publications. One of the salutary effects of BDS is that it

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