UC Berkeley Students Argue in Favor of Divesment from War Crimes 2

After the UC Berkeley Senate voted 16-4 to divest from companies complicit in war crimes committed by Israel during operation Cast Lead (General Electric and United Technologies) the bill was vetoed by President Will Smelko.

After two nights of lengthy debate and incredible external pressure the veto was upheld, but the attention the bill attracted and the coming together of so many different communities in favor of the bill makes this a victory for Students for Justice in Palestine and their supporters.

UC Berkeley Students for Justice in Palestine have provided an impressive example of how to divest from companies who profit from the suffering of oppressed people in Palestine and around the world.


I'm a teacher, writer, and activist based in Bangalore. I am dedicated to various issues including #BDS and Palestine, living a Zero Waste life, and putting the carbon back into the soil through composting!

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