“Israeli Technologies of Apartheid”

Boston Activists Disrupt Israeli Propaganda Event at the Museum of Science

Boston, MA, May 3, 2010 Local activists protested the so-called Israeli Innovation Weekend (IIW) at the Museum of Science in Boston through multiple, disparate actions on Sunday. IIWs sponsors, including the Consulate General of Israel to New England, were left flummoxed by the activists efforts and largely unable to prevent their successful, multi-pronged disruption of the event.

Protesters targeted IIW because it was part of a state-sponsored campaign to greenwash Israels discriminatory, apartheid regime and atrocious human rights record. IIW was officially sponsored by the Israeli Consulate, which also played a major role in funding and planning the event; nearly half of IIWs steering committee was composed of Consulate staff and the Consulate was one of the top donors.

For more info: http://boston.indymedia.org/feature/d…


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