Please take action against this egregious propaganda piece on a purported news site that suggests buying Ahava products as a path to Middle East Peace.


Please take three minutes to go to the post, scroll to the bottom, click on the link on lower right that says “report this,” click on “incorrect information” and write something about the fact that Ahava products promote the OPPOSITE OF PEACE, which is occupation profiteering.

Ahava’s factory and visitors center are located in an illegal Israeli settlement in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank. All Israeli settlements in the West Bank are in violation of international law. They are an impediment to peace. Ahava, which is the subject of an international boycott campaign because of its illegal practices and fraudulent labeling, is an Israeli profiteer in occupied Palestine.


I'm a teacher, writer, and activist based in Bangalore. I am dedicated to various issues including #BDS and Palestine, living a Zero Waste life, and putting the carbon back into the soil through composting!

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