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On Anti-Semitism, Boycotts, and the Case of Hermann Dierkes: An Open Letter from Jewish Peace Activists

We are peace activists of Jewish background. Some of us typically identify in this way; others of us do not. But we all object to those who claim to speak for all Jews or who use charges of anti-Semitism to

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Stop Rio de Janeiro from promoting Israel’s war industry

Posted by StopTheWall on Tue, 03/31/2009 – 09:01 BNC – This year the Latin America Aero & Defense trade show will be held in Rio de Janeiro from April 14 – 17. The show will host and promote the world’s

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Exporters suffer anti-Israel boycotts

Mar 30, 2009 9:11 | Updated Mar 30, 2009 10:29 By SHARON WROBEL Local exporters are losing foreign markets and customers because of the global economic crisis and a growing anti-Israel boycott of locally made products following Operation Cast Lead,

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Not an Analogy: Israel and the Crime of Apartheid

Published on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 by by Hazem Jamjoum In recent years, increasing numbers of people around the world have begun adopting and developing an analysis of Israel as an apartheid regime. (1) This can be seen in

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Boycott, Surrender or War

The ‘Dahiye strategy’ has just been applied in Gaza. By Jeremy Salt – Ankara The spate of reports coming out of the Middle East in the past two weeks are signs of a coming danger greater than the region has

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To Boycott Israel…or Not?

Features » March 30, 2009 Naomi Klein and Rabbi Arthur Waskow debate whether divestment will bring peace to the Middle East. By Joel Bleifuss On Jan. 23, a family stands by a burning fire where their home once stood in

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A Call for Boycott

by Rania Masri and Marcy Newman / March 30th, 2009 In remembering and commemorating Land Day, March 30, 1976, when six Palestinians were killed and almost 100 wounded by Israeli forces in Sakhnin during unarmed protests against the confiscation of

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