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Egypt media group agrees on massive Israel boycott

By Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondent The London-based Arabic-language daily A Sharq al Awsat reported Monday that the board of directors of the powerful Egyptian media group Al-Ahram had decided to boycott Israel and Israelis of all positions. The Al-Ahram group

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BDS Soldiarity in Catalan and Spanish

I am writing you on the behalf of the Commission of Catalan Universities for Palestine (CUNCAP). CUNCAP has been created on February 2009 in Barcelona with the aim to promote the academical boycott from the Catalan universities and research institutions.

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CODEPINK Women for Peace & the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

The Israeli assault on Gaza at the end of December 2008 and into January 2009 was a tipping point for many with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For CODEPINK it no longer felt possible to sit on the sidelines and

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Apartheid is the Root of Israel’s Aggressions

Submitted by Glen Ford on Tue, 09/22/2009 – 12:17 Israel reacted with typical feigned outrage at the United Nations report on war crimes and human rights violations committed by its forces in Gaza, last winter. The Jewish state’s serial violations

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The cowardice, the vanity, the sin of boycotting Israel

By Bradley Burston Live in this tainted Holy Land long enough, and you come to learn that there are two kinds of political activists, much as there are two kinds of artists. The first kind, the kind who changes the

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Spain expels Israeli scientists from solar energy competition

September 25, 2009, (Pal Telegraph)- Spain has expelled a group of Israeli scientists from a state-funded solar energy competition because they are based in occupied areas of the West Bank, it said today. The decision to expel the team from

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Seinfeld, you were wrong to condemn our Toronto protest

By Udi Aloni Jewish international celebrities, from Jerry Seinfeld to Sacha Baron Cohen, have come out once again, riding the horses of glory, to save Israel from the cruel enemy, that is to save her from us, those fighting for

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