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Palestinian civil society salutes Olympia Food Co-op’s decision to boycott Israeli goods!

Occupied Palestine, 26 July 2010 – Palestinian farmers unions, agricultural organizations and popular committees struggling against Israel’s colonial Wall and settlements warmly salute the historic decision taken on July 15th [1] by the Olympia Food Co-op to remove all Israeli

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Oakland boycott inspires letter from Gaza, provokes Teamster anger

Report by Mona El-Farra, Eyad Kishawi, Teamsters Published: 26/07/10 ILWU Local 10 Dear ILWU Local 10 members I am writing to you from Gaza, to thank you for your union action in refusing to unload an Israeli ship, and to

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Jacob Weisberg sees the power of BDS, and is scared

by Paul Woodward on July 25, 2010 “Don’t boycott Israel,” says the headline in Newsweek. Jacob Weisberg, editor-in-chief at Slate and author of the piece calls a boycott a “repellent idea” with consequences that are “intrinsically vile.” But pointing out

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French university cancels writer’s conference due to anti-Israel protest

Israeli author Esther Orner says she did not expect such a decision by the University of Provence Aix-Marseille. By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service A French university has canceled a conference of Mediterranean writers after participants protested the presence

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International labor report’s omissions reveal pro-Israel bias

Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada, 23 July 2010 Every June, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) releases its Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights. According to a press release that accompanied the 2010 publication (which reports on events

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Thank you for standing with us on our path to freedom – A letter in support of ILWU Local 10

July 25, 2010 Dr. Mona El-Farra Dear ILWU Local 10 members, I am writing to you from the Gaza Strip to thank you for your union action in refusing to unload an Israeli ship and to tell you a little

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Thank You, Leftfield!

Boycott! would like to thank Leftfield and Neil Barnes in particular for cancelling Leftfield’s scheduled performance in Israel and refusing to entertain apartheid. Leftfield have demonstrated courage and humanity in this decision, and we hope others will follow and respect

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